Bus Girona/Olot and Bus Olot/Vic

On the 7th and 8th of July we have planned a bus that can take people from one place to another:
_ on July 7 in Girona center in the hospital of Olot (where the morning presentations will take place)

_ and the 8th from Olot to Vic (where the morning talks will take place), also early in the morning.

Tickets are € 10 for each trip.
Reservations are open till June 28th. by mail at artdelcaminar@gmail.com
If you do not respond we understand that you are not interested.

Italian collective Marsala Project will be in the Encounters, invited by Sismograf Festival of Olot. They will propose a participative night performance for a group of committed and concerned people. on July 7th http://www.marsalaproject.net/

Tena Busquets and Quena (Sismograf Festival) Clara Gari; and Teresa, Gianlucca and Rita of Marsala collective, seeking inspiration for a night walk through the volcanos of Olot.